Axa front and rear lamps

Our AXA lamps set offers lighting power allowing you to be seen by road users for up to 5 hours. It consists of a headlamp (1 LED) to be placed on the handlebars and a rear light (4 LEDs) to be fixed to the seat tube. They are compact and USB rechargeable. The lamp is easy to mount on the bike thanks to the rubber straps. Easy to carry and reassemble.

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The best choice, approved for children

Specifications What the kids say
  • Light color Black
  • Front light positions Fixed Medium, Fast, Medium, Fast Pulse
  • Rear light positions Steady Low, Steady Strong, Low Blink, High Pulse

What a bike !

Our boy finished to learn to ride on a 14" bike, it was so easy. A light bike is much simpler.

Lucie loves her new bike

Lucie Wanted a pink bike, she received her new BEMOOV with customized "flowers" stickers. She's so proud to ride well on her beautiful new bike

BEMOOV, fun in all safety !

If your child has to ride in the evening or in the dark, equip his bike with a front and rear LED lighting kit. We offer a kit that is easy to mount and remove, on the handlebars for the front light and on the seatpost for the rear red light. The lamps are rechargeable via a USB cable. Up to 5 hours of autonomy to ride in complete safety.

Also equip your BEMOOV with a bell sold as an accessory. This will teach your child to signal his arrival and ride safely.