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Discover all our tips and tricks to choose the best bike for your child, guide him in his learning and give him a taste for two wheels.

Why choose a balance bike to teach your children to ride a bike?

Looking for a fun and effective way to teach your child to ride a bike? The balance bike is the ideal solution!

How to choose the right bike helmet for your child?

Beyond its durable aspect, the bicycle helmet must protect the young cyclist in the event of a fall. Bemoov helps you choose the right helmet for your child.

Our step-by-step learning guide

To learn to ride a bike, a child must be able to progress at their own pace. With this guide, all you need is a BEMOOV to teach your children to ride a bike.

Teaching your child to ride: with or without pedals?

As with any learning process, proceed in stages, starting with a bicycle without pedals so that your child first finds his/her balance.

How to choose and adjust the size of your child's bike?

Discover and compare our models of children's bikes specially designed to promote learning about and enjoyment of bicycles

Easier to use brakes to learn to stop

To use your bike without injuring yourself, you need always to be able to stop safely. Find out how to teach this to your children.

What is the dissociation of movements?

Learning to ride a bike involves using a lot of skills at the same time. Find out how to help your child develop dissociation of movements.

Why teach your child how to brake?

On a bicycle, the two brakes are used in different circumstances. Find out why we recommend teaching this to your children.

What is the ideal weight for your child's bike?

A light bike will be more comfortable for your child. It will also facilitate each step of the learning process.

How to teach your child to use the gears of a bike?

Learning to change gears on a bike will allow your child to be more independent with much less effort... so much more fun

Our advice for cycling with your children in complete safety!

Going on a bike ride with children can be a fun and memorable experience, so it's important to take precautions to keep them safe.

Balance bike or training bike: what are the differences?

Find out why our balance bike for children is better suited for learning than other balance bikes, which are closer to a toy.

Teach your child to ride without training wheels

Training wheels will prevent children from finding their balance and from applying their balance to cycling.

At what age should your child learn to ride a bicycle?

In reality, there is a different answer for each child. However, as soon as a child can walk, that child can learn to balance on a bicycle.

Choose a bike adapted to the body shape of your child

An easy-to-ride frame with a low center of gravity will keep your child more comfortable on the bike. Read more tips here

A lighter bike means more fun for your child

To help your child find his/her balance, the bike’s weight should not exceed 40% of your child’s own weight.

Why the balance bike is better for learning to cycle

So that children can find their own balance, the balance bike is the only valid tool to start on a good basis.

Why prefer the best bike for your child?

Choosing a quality bike for your child is good for his/her learning and safety as well as for the planet.

Complete guide to buying a children's bike

Choosing the right bike for your child is essential to guarantee his safety and promote his enjoyment during outdoor rides. Whether it's the size of the bike, its ideal weight or the safety features to take into account.

How much does a quality children's bike cost?

Investing in a quality bicycle for your child is a decision that has a direct impact on their well-being and development.

Cycling with your child in winter: Safety and maintenance tips

Discover our tips for cycling with your child in winter. The importance of ensuring the safety, preparation and maintenance of your child's bike.

Essential accessories for children's cycling safety

Children's cycling safety is a key concern for parents and carers. Discover the essential accessories for their safety.

Getting back on the bike with your children in spring

Getting back on the bike with your children in spring is a wonderful opportunity to share precious moments in the great outdoors.

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