Learning bike specially designed to introduce children to the joys of cycling. Featherweight, ergonomic brake levers and a geometry adapted to the body shape of children, to continue learning with a good foundation.


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EAN13 1634819446217 MPN BM160.BLU
Bike weight (without pedals) 5.7 kg
Frame Super light aluminum AL6061. Geometry adapted for a low and easy step-over and a low position for the rider.
Wheels Very light 16'' rims made from anodized 6061 aluminum with wear line. 16 light and strong stainless steel cross spokes. Lightweight aluminum hubs with smooth bearings. Wheels attached using 5mm allen screws with round heads for more security
Fork Super light aluminum AL6061. Head tube angle calculated to combine agility and stability.
Tires Lightweight and strong 16 X 1.5 CST tires. Tread with low rolling resistance and excellent grip. Heavy-duty car-type valve (SCHRADER) for service station inflation. Inner tube 16 X 1.5 X1.75
Steering angle limiter Strong nylon strap with a rubber ring to limit the steering angle to help the child ride in a straight line safely. Prevents crashes in the event of excessive steering.
Headset Semi-integrated headset with steering spider and aluminum top cap
Headset spacers Variable thicknesses at the level of the stem allowing adjustment of the height of the cockpit. The bike can grow with the child.
Stem Lightweight AL6061 aluminum stem. 35 mm length for more agility. Stem cover with 4 bolts for better tightening of the handlebars.
Saddle Saddle with side protections, durable, comfortable and ergonomic: specifically adapted to children's bottoms.
Seatpost Light and robust anodized alloy. Height adjustment with marking for the extension limit. Dimensions: 22.2 X W 170mm.
Handlebar Ergonomic high handlebar for an optimal learning position. Super lightweight AL6061 aluminum. Width 480mm / height 25mm / diameter 22.2mm, ideal for small hands. Sandblasted black anodized color.
Grips Grippy textured handle suitable for children's hands, with widened and closed end of 45 mm diameter to secure the hand in the event of an impact. End cap (inside the handlebar) of higher density for greater durability.
Seat clamp Lightweight 6061 aluminum clamping mechanism, with screws for added security. Avoids any risk of rotation.
Drivetrain Gear ratio with 25 teeth front / 14 teeth rear. Double chainring guard. Lightweight aluminum crankset, 89 mm long, casing with double sealed cartridge bearing. Pedal spacing suitable for children Non-slip pedals, reflectors. KMC chain & quick release
Brakes Front/rear V-brakes, ergonomic levers with manual adjustment of the handlebar/grip space. Different colors to aid in learning the differentiation between the brakes. High quality JAGWIRE CEX housing and cable, low frictional resistance
Tools included 1 open-end wrench 15 mm + 2 allen keys 4 and 5 mm
Maximum authorized weight 40 kg
Shipping box dimensions L 1085 X W 242 X H 533
Wheel size 16 inch
Wheel size 16 inch
Wheelbase 724 mm
Head tube angle 68°
Minimum saddle height 455 mm
Maximum saddle height 555 mm
Seat tube angle 69°
Top tube length 360 mm
Floor to handlebar height (bar grips) 645 mm
Bottom bracket height 177 mm
Q factor 135 mm
Bike egonomics
Saddle height adjustment Yes
Handlebar height adjustment Yes
Standover height (15cm in front of the saddle) 385 mm
Bike sizes

How to choose the right bike size

Start with measuring your child's inseam :

1. Ask your child to put on their shoes and stand up straight against the wall, touching it with their heels.

2. Then measure the distance between the floor and the top of his thigh. For more precision, you can press a book between your child's legs and measure the distance from the floor to the top side of the book (as in the image opposite).

3. In the table below, you can compare the height obtained with the saddle heights of our bikes.

Age Size Crotch Recommanded bike
1.5 to 4 years between 80cm to 100cm between 34cm and 44cm M12
2.5 to 4.5 years between 95cm to 110cm between 40cm and 46cm M14
4 to 6 years between 105cm to 120cm between 44cm and 51cm M16
5.5 to 8 years between 115cm to 130cm between 49cm and 60cm M20, CL20, CS20
7 to 11 years between 125cm to 145cm between 58cm and 70cm M24, CL24, CS24, R24
10 to 16 years between 140cm to 165cm between 65cm and 80cm M26, CL26, CS26, R26

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Learning is fun!

The unisex geometry allows an easy step-over and a low position of the rider to ensure more safety, an easy and intuitive ride.

Perfectly designed ergonomics, with an ultra-light AL6061 aluminum frame, V-Brake front and rear brakes, an adapted crank width ... In short, the ideal tool for learning the joys of being on 2 wheels.

Super cool decorations!

Our bikes are fun to ride, but also to decorate!

Each model is available in 5 lively colors, to be combined, if you like, with 8 exclusive decoration sets. That makes 40 possibilities! Thanks to the stickers, children can personalize their bikes and helmets with a decoration that they themselves have applied.

Since our bikes are really durable, each child who receives a BEMOOV bike that has already been used can redecorate it to their liking, to make it their own unique bike.

A featherweight bike

The weight of the bike is your child's enemy!At BEMOOV, we are so convinced that keeping our bikes light has turned into an obsession!

By reducing weight, we promote control of balance and children's enjoyment. They can then cover new terrain and climb gentle inclines more easily.

Each component has therefore been carefully selected and improved to achieve an optimum weight. The result: our children's bikes are up to 40% lighter than conventional bikes.

Our greatest pleasure is the happy reaction of parents and children when they lift our featherweight bikes.

Your child in prime position!

Setting the child's position on the bike with a low seat and high handlebars, with a clear view, is essential for your child's learning, safety, and balance.

This is why we have designed a handlebar adapted to the width of the shoulders of children with an adjustable height thanks to two optional spacers, so that the bike can grow with the size of your child.

This ergonomic handlebar is combined with a short stem to ensure better steering control.

Braking is easy!

All our bikes are fitted with highly efficient V-brakes that are lighter and easier to adjust than disc brakes.

They are controlled by ergonomic adjustable brake levers, to adapt effortlessly to all hands. These levers have also a more pronounced curve so that children can grip them with two or three fingers, without letting go of the handlebars.

To learn how to distinguish the front brake from the rear brake, they are identified using clearly visible colors: green for the rear brake, red for the front brake.

Pedaling is child’s play!

The Q factor is a funny name, but it's super important for kids' bikes. It is quite simply the width of the crankset, which determines the spacing of the child's feet.

A pedal width perfectly adapted to the body shape of your child makes it easier and more fun to pedal naturally. Our lightweight, high-quality aluminum crankset has been designed to achieve age-appropriate pedal arm width and length, enough to get kids pedaling to the moon.

BEMOOV, fun and completely safe!

To avoid injury or straining the brake cables in the event of over steering, our bikes are equipped, between the frame and the fork, with a strong nylon strap fitted with a rubber ring that limits the angle of movement in the event of a fall or incorrect maneuver.