Balance providers for your children

Finally, super light, ergonomic and durable bikes.

Your children will be able to learn the joys of riding on two wheels in complete safety!

With the added fun of personalizing their bike.

Draisienne et vélos d’enfant BEMOOV : Fournisseurs d’équilibre

Our great bikes

Personalize your BEMOOV with our exclusive sticker selection

Learning to ride a bike can be so much fun!

BEMOOV offers a selection of stickers with each bike so that your child can have the option of decorating the bike exactly as he/she would like. The customization allows you to choose between five super colors of bikes and eight sheets of self-adhesive stickers to apply. This gives your toddler the joy of decorating and riding his/her bike.

A sheet of stickers has at least 50 exclusive BEMOOV stickers which can be used to decorate a bike as well as a helmet. When ordering your bike, you can choose the "stickers" option and the decor you like.

One, two, three, decorate and off you go, kids!

Children's bikes specially designed for children

We are providers of balance, with a mission to enable children to find their own by living a joyful experience and a unique adventure with every getaway.

BEMOOV children's bikes are therefore based on lightness, ergonomics, fun, durable quality, and of course, safety.

Why? A child’s body shape is totally different from that of adults and yet, many children's bikes are not designed with this in mind. Instead, they are just adult’s bikes that have been made smaller.

At BEMOOV, we have studied and adapted the geometry of each child's bike, chosen a high quality lightweight aluminum for the frame and rims, light and comfortable and strong saddles, specially designed brakes and gearshifts… In short, we’ve addressed everything you need to have fun and learn balance without hurting yourself!

Draisienne et vélos d’enfant BEMOOV : Fournisseurs d’équilibre

Balance bikes

Our bikes offer geometry adapted to the body shape of children and quality components, light and robust, to keep the bike under the child’s control when stationary, in motion, as well as when braking.

Draisienne et vélos d’enfant BEMOOV : Fournisseurs d’équilibre

Learning bikes

The length of the bike, like the angles formed at the head tube or the seat tube, have been designed to favor stability and comfort, but also have a steering angle adapted to agility.

The brake levers are designed for children's hands, and the narrow crankset is specially designed for their body shape. This makes cycling much easier and more fun for children.

Draisienne et vélos d’enfant BEMOOV : Fournisseurs d’équilibre

Durable bikes

No more rusting bikes in the garage! Our rugged, unisex kids' bikes are made with quality parts that are built to last.

When your child's bike gets too small, sell it easily, or keep it for another child, family or friends.